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new journal

in case you didnt notice

new lj [October232006]
i made a new journal because i feel like starting fresh. i am not adding anyone to start off with but add me first... so if you want to stay a friend go ahead, then i'll add you back.



my unfinished value drawing that is due wednesday, i dont really like it-this picture makes it worse cause its quite fuzzy & crooked but oh well. it only looks good from far far FAR away. haha. i stayed at school till 10 tonight.. it was a waste cause i didnt do anything. anyway im pretty tired, miss brandon, and i dont want to go to sleep yet, but i dont have anything to do really. well here are some pictures, we carved pumpkins last night. it was fun

almost halloween!Collapse )
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made a new layout [September042006]
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i wish i could live in this movie.

friends only [May172006]

just add me
and i will probably add you back

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